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11 May 2018
11 May 2018
12 Oct 2016
Palawan Based Wedding Photographer

Marvin + Charline {El Nido Engagement Video}

Marvin and Charline only planned of an engagement “photo” shoot, but as we researched El Nido we suggested it would be best to have an Engagement Video to maximize the use of Aerial Videography. We were right since we would be shooting most of the time from the boat and the Aerial Video would give us an edge with this. The shoot went perfect thanks to the great weather. Palawan Based Wedding Photographer We could not wait to share this video, […]

06 Oct 2016
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RALPH + LOVELY {Opening Billboard}

It is indeed a beautiful day with beautiful people. The venues, all wedding suppliers, families, and friends absolutely gave Ralph and Lovely what they really wanted for their dream wedding. Affordable Palawan Wedding Photographer You can see the elegance and luxurious style by our gorgeous couple which will make you think that you are just watching Barbie and Ken getting married being in a wedding magazine issue. Eight Productions were able to capture timeless memories, of course, by the help […]

25 Dec 2015
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Erwin + Keren {Prenup Photos}

Erwin and Keren are both from Norway and prior to this pre-wedding shoot, despite the time difference and geographical location, we have been deliberately planning this with their stylist and set design artist. Preparation and set appearance is really vital in conceptual engagement sessions because it would greatly affect the outcome – it is just as similar as choosing a picturesque location. In this shoot, the team from Eight Productions decided to share a concept that we have been yearning […]

15 Dec 2015
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Mark + Micah {Onsite Video}

Wedding Day! Micah our lovely bride posted a sunrise photo at around 6 AM in the morning with a caption, “This is it!” which indicated how excited and euphoric she was for her special day. As we arrived at their residence around 8 AM, everyone was still calm and preparing themselves for the Wedding. Breakfast was even served for the team, and no one should decline sumptuous food because in Micah’s abode, food is always delectable. Micah is a professional […]