Category : Opening Billboard (OBB)

26 Oct 2018

Rey & Cindy {Onsite Photo}

Rey & Cindy { Onsite Photo }  Photo&Video: Eight Productions Church: St. Francis of Asisi Venue: Waterfront Insular Hotel Event Coordinator: Korine Navarro Event Stylist: Noel Tanza MUA: Kata Gallenito Emcee: Brandy Fuentes Cake: Honey Loyola Spinner: Joshua Badion II Gown: Marco Laurencio Jr. FlowerGirls&Bearers: Cristina Ybañez Cocktails: Alors A Home Kitchen Band: Alyanna Marie Espiritu Muses Acoustic Davao Mobile Bar: Rj Bangkil The Barmasters Special Effects: Darwin Lacap Progetto Photo Booth: JM Santillan The Booth LED: Minda Aurora […]

05 Oct 2018

Justino @ 70 {Onsite Photo}

Justino @ 70 { Onsite Photo } Full details to follow for now enjoy only in HD =) Music licensed via Song Freedom 

29 Sep 2018

Jef & Rachelle {Onsite Photos}

Jeffrey & Rachelle { Onsite Photo } — PLEASE VIEW IN HD — Music licensed via Song Freedom  Wedding Details Photo & Video: Eight Productions Event Organizer – Alter-Moderne Events Co. | Rex del Rosario Styling – Cameo Events Gown & Suit: Khenny Ladaga Hair & Make-up: Otoi Mercado & Judea Baterna Host: Rex del Rosario Spinner: Rex Velesrubio Lights & Sounds: Infinity Special Effects: Progetto Musicians: Soulmates Band Mobile Bar: Party Shots Mobile Bar Cocktails: Carts 2 Go […]

24 Sep 2018

Aron & Dee {Onsite Photos}

Aron & Dee { Onsite Photo } As much as we love to describe this lovely wedding we would save it for the oniste video. For now please view this oniste photo  — Please view in HD —  Wedding Details: Preparation: Marco Polo Church: Sta. Ana Shrine Parish Reception: Salome’s Garden by Chippens Make-up bride: Sarah Suyom Hair Bride: Reymark Montinola Gown: Atelier de Marco Groom’s Suit: Chardin Invitation Design: Red Agreda Invitation Prints: The Lucky Cat Press Invitation […]

21 Sep 2018

Milton & Le-an { Onsite Photo }

Milton & Le-an { Onsite Photo } This couple made sure we had our creative juice spinning from the Pre-wedding shoot to the wedding day they only stated: “kayo na bahala” with that creative freedom we certainly had a great time in their wedding. Congratulations Milton & Le-an From Team Eight Productions — PLEASE VIEW IN HD — Music licensed via Song Freedom  Wedding Details: Make-up bride: Noeh Jani Make-up entourage: Althea Uy Yamyamin Gown: Francis Libiran Shoes: Manolo […]

20 Sep 2018

Harley Marvin & Charmaine {Onsite Photo}

Harley & Charmaine {Onsite Photo} It was a great Morning (9AM) Wedding we had a lot of first time experience from the preparation to Church it almost felt like an out of town shoot. We are happy to feel the warmth love from their family and we certainly had a great time shooting this wedding. —PLEASE VIEW IN HD— Music licensed via Song Freedom  Wedding details: Photography – Eight Productions Stylist – CameoEvents Dvo Coordinator – Vern EventsCoordination Video […]

24 Aug 2018

Ferdie & Chen {Onsite Photos}

Ferdie & Chen { Onsite Photo } Please view in HD 

14 Aug 2018

Dondi & Cha {Onsite Photos}

Dondi & Cha { Onsite Photo }  Coordinator: Vern EventsCoordination Decorator: CameoEvents Dvo Make-up: Wyndell Samuya Gown: Francis Libiran Bridal Photo & Video: Eight Productions