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On the day of the wedding, everyone was elated with such beautiful emotions especially our lovely couple, Mark and Khat. They have continuously expressing their excitement by the time we stepped in to their preparation rooms up until the end of the wedding reception. It was really a great time working with Mark and Khat, Read more ..

These colorful photos on the wedding day of Perci and Kitz really implies how happy and excited they are to be with each other legally. The grace and brightness on the face of the couple and on their love ones were really evident on that very moment. There were unlimited laughter and fun behind every Read more ..

What a lovely day bursting with emotions for Jigs and Nice. The excitement on the faces of the couple and on their loved ones really inspired us to give them nothing but great photos. When we stepped into their hotel rooms, our energies were even more boosted because we saw them already prepared for the Read more ..

Everyone is elated on the special day of Jeff and Phoebe, especially their love ones who came from different parts of the world. You can really say that the lovely couple is walking on cloud nine because of the excitement and happiness that they are feeling even from the first minute we stepped on their Read more ..

Having used to shoot wedding preparations in luxurious hotels where the floors are carpeted, the walls are textured, and the windows are from floor to ceiling, it was hard upon arriving at Salome’s Garden where it had that “home like” feel but don’t get us wrong because it’s a great place with lot of characters Read more ..

It was a blessed day for Jhong and Mimi for having the people who love them and for having a perfect weather on their very special day. They even tried to check the forecast the day before the wedding because the ceremony will be holding on the outdoors. The entire wedding was became worry-free about Read more ..

Professional Boracay Wedding Photographer    WE ARE BACK TO BORACAY ONCE AGAIN! It was indeed a hot summer day in Boracay, but it did not hinder the people who love Abe and Omay not to be a part of their very special day. All flew to this wonderful island to celebrate the union of the Read more ..

First, we would like to apologize since this blog post will be talking more about our experience. We will talk more about the wedding on the next blog. You may scroll down right away if you just want to see great photos. But if you would like to know how our day was made, Great! Read more ..