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16 May 2016
Mactan Based Wedding Photographer

Hugo + Artess {Prenup Video}

SOUL SURFERS. It was indeed a momentous day. Everything was in perfect motion and in wonderful harmony. The cooperative weather, the majestic waves of the ocean, the solemnity of the shore, the cool breeze of summer, the pureness of nature, and of course, our lovely couple, Hugo and Artess in their most exciting and romantic actions. Aside from seeing them deeply in love with each other, you may also notice how they were molded by their similar interest as partners, […]

15 May 2016
Wedding Photographer Mactan

Hugo + Artess {Prenup Photos}

SUMMER LOVE. Akaw! – A famous expression of surfers when they are being surprised to see a perfect surfing spot. But for the two different souls who were created by a great wave called love, and bailed on the board of eternal happiness, this expression means heavenly for them. For they found the love of their lives more than just a perfect surfing destination. Surfing is not just an ordinary interest for them, but a key to finally say their […]

13 May 2016
Affordable Mactan Wedding Photographer

Hugo + Artess {Onsite Photo}

The day has finally arrived were two hearts completely joined as one. The weather was really participating so good to make the event more meaningful and memorable. This is the day when love and compassion come together in a perfect time and destination. Hugo and Artess’ story is really an evident that two different countries can move altogether in one common reason, which is love. From Portugal to the Philippines, their families also conjoined in this very moment and shared […]