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17 May 2016
Leyte Based Wedding Photgrapher

Hugo + Artess {Onsite Video}

Artess to Hugo: “I am so blessed to have you in my life. You are my best friend, my travel buddy, my surfing and swimming instructor, my nutritionist, my artist, my inspiration and my life.” Hugo to Artess: “In the beginning, it felt like the distance between Portugal and the Philippines was too far apart. But four years later, thanks for your simplicity, dedication, and adventurous spirit — I have found my home in you. So whether I’m in Portugal […]

08 Feb 2016
Wedding Photographer Leyte

Chris + Lara {Onsite Video}

It is such a great honor to be working with the Mendoza Family for the second time around for the wedding of Chris and Lara. If you can remember, Chris was the best man and the brother of JM Mendoza who got married to Chelle in a Davao-Samal Wedding and also had a San Francisco Engagement Session last year. With full excitement and glee, we are back to make more memories with them once again. Wedding Day Every wedding is […]

05 Feb 2016
Affordable Wedding Photographer Leyte

Chris + Lara {Love Story}

Before everything happened, it was a daunting task due to the preparations and the ideas that needed to be realized for the shoot. The couple had a lot in mind so we both prepared ourselves by a proper pre-production meeting prior to the shoot. After a productive meeting, we concluded everything by having a movie trailer type of Engagement Video showing their love story. Chris was in charged to plan for the pre-wedding video while Lara is tasked to do […]

04 Feb 2016
Best Wedding Photographer Leyte

Chris + Lara {Prenup Photos}

Chris and Lara are a couple that has a certain chemistry that even transcended the mere definition of love. For the first time, we have seen a couple whose empathy with each other that is so natural and spontaneous. In relation to their engagement session duties, Chris was assigned for their pre-wedding video while Lara did the preparation for their engagement portrait session. The couple just wanted to have a simple presentation of their love with their daily activities. But […]

03 Feb 2016
Wedding Photographer Samar

Chris + Lara {Opening Billboard}

Chris and Lara’s Big Day couldn’t be more perfect =) Experience a nirvana like feeling as you witness the beauty of their wedding! Eight Productions Proudly Presents the Opening Billboard of Chris and Lara! Note: View in HD   Stay tuned for the following presentations: 1. Engagement Session Photos 2. The Love Story Video 3. Onsite Wedding Video Cheers! Chris and Lara would like to thank the following: Prenup Details: Prenup Video Make-up: Wyndell Samuya Prenup Photo Make-up: Kata Gallenito Davao […]