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11 Apr 2018
Best Gensan Wedding Photographer

Jeremy and Johanna | Gensan Wedding {Onsite Video}

Some say that love is foretold and that no matter how far, you are destined for each other. In this case, they met quite early. This is “Love At First Grade” They were classmates in First Grade, then life went on as usual. About 3 decades later they met just to find out they had been each other’s crushes all those 3 decades ago! It just amazing how destiny nudged them into each other’s lives in just the right direction […]

11 Apr 2018
Gensan Based Wedding Photographer

Jeremy + Johanna {Pre Wedding Video}

Like most couples Jeremy and Johanna had a couple of shy moments at the start of the shoot. As the experience sets in though, true love can make any situation more comfortable. We saw how happy they were when it just felt like they were the only two people in the room. There was a sweet laughter that only Jeremy could bring out from Johanna, and the look in Jeremy’s eye when he was looking at his future wife made […]

11 Apr 2018
Gensan Prenup Wedding Photographer

Jeremy and Johanna {Pre-Wedding Photos}

Jeremy and Johanna, known to most of their friends as Mimi and Hannah planned on having their pre wedding shoot in General Santos City, but considering a lot of their guess were coming from their home town they decided to have their pre wedding shoot in Davao City. The concept of the wedding shoot was both indoor and outdoor. The indoor shoot was done at The Concept Studio by Cheeky. This was a fun shoot with a great set! The […]

11 Apr 2018
Wedding Photographer Gensan

Jeremy and Johanna | Gensan Wedding {Onsite Photos}

General Santos – such a lovely place to shoot and every time we shoot, there is always something new. In many weddings, the entourage shoot takes some adjusting to and you need time to get everyone comfortable with each other, the getting-to-know-one-another stage. In Jeremey and Johanna’s celebration it was delightful and fun as it was packed with cousins, aunts, uncles, and relatives. Getting everyone ready for the shoot was fun and easy! We had so many happy photos that […]

31 Oct 2015
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Kris + Tine {Prenup Video}

During the whole awesome engagement session of Kris and Tine, it was challenging and also laid-back at the same time. The whole session was so relaxed since the couple were so patient with us in executing the video clips that they yearn for. No asking and complains, Kris and Tine just do the acting and emote. The challenging part was the location and it hard to reach and difficult to walk terrain. The weather was also so erratic that we […]

15 Apr 2013
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Denny + Jenny {OBB & SDE}

With no doubt we had fun at the Tuna Capital of the Philippines and Home of People’s Champ Manny Pacquiao: General Santos (Gensan). This wedding was definitely a “Dream Wedding” for the bride. The couple already had a civil wedding 2 years before their well-planned dream wedding. This wedding showed their love and affection, being married to the same person twice displayed their obvious love and commitment to each other. With some suppliers coming from Davao, they had everything in […]

05 Apr 2013
Gensan Best Prenup Photographer

Gensan Wedding | Denny + Jenny {Save The Date}

Eight Productions will be in General Santos City to witness and immortalize the wedding of Mr. Denny Dagahoy & Ms. Jenny Factor. Wedding Detail April 10 2013 Church: 3:00pm Padre Pio Chapel Reception: 5:30pm Venue88 Dome 2 Enjoy the wedding poster and save the date video!   Gensan Best Prenup Photographer Gensan Best Prenup Photographer brings by Eight Productions! One of the the  quality and luxury wedding photographer in the Philippines.Get a quote now and check our Instagram right away.