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22 Dec 2016
Wedding Photographer Cdo

Dom + Straw Love Story {Engagement Video}

As per Dom and Straw, their relationship is always been a miraculous blessing for them. For the past eight years of being together, they encountered ups and down and some unusual challenges. But despite of what they’ve gone through, their faith for each other still remains and never gave up. The couple decided to summarize their love story and turn into a wonderful Engagement Video… Here is Dom and Straw’s fortunate and timely love story with a spice of the […]

21 Dec 2016
Affordable Wedding Photographer Cavite

Hafid + Sang {Engagement Video}

Dentists. Tattoo Artists. Best Buddies. Now, husband and wife. One profession. One passion. Now, as one. Hafid and Sang took us into a challenging but worthwhile experience during their engagement shoot. The surroundings of the countryside wowed us and made us more confident on how to make this video amazing. We thank the couple for giving us this artsy and very cool experience. Here’s Hafid and Sang on their Engagement Video… Cheers! #OneInaMILLAN   Prenup: Make-Up: Jean Ong Location: Agong […]

15 Dec 2016
Cavite Based Wedding Photographer

Rafael + Edz {Engagement Video}

Cavite Based Wedding Photographer Love and nature has been a great combo for engagement sessions. Rafael and Edz brought us to an awesome place, Davao Oriental. Though it was not the first time that we had a shoot session on that place, Davao Oriental never stop to amaze us every time we have a chance to be there. We thank the couple for this extreme adventure and giving us the chance to shoot them while riding an ultralight plane and […]

12 Oct 2016
Palawan Based Wedding Photographer

Marvin + Charline {El Nido Engagement Video}

Marvin and Charline only planned of an engagement “photo” shoot, but as we researched El Nido we suggested it would be best to have an Engagement Video to maximize the use of Aerial Videography. We were right since we would be shooting most of the time from the boat and the Aerial Video would give us an edge with this. The shoot went perfect thanks to the great weather. Palawan Based Wedding Photographer We could not wait to share this video, […]

16 May 2016
Mactan Based Wedding Photographer

Hugo + Artess {Prenup Video}

SOUL SURFERS. It was indeed a momentous day. Everything was in perfect motion and in wonderful harmony. The cooperative weather, the majestic waves of the ocean, the solemnity of the shore, the cool breeze of summer, the pureness of nature, and of course, our lovely couple, Hugo and Artess in their most exciting and romantic actions. Aside from seeing them deeply in love with each other, you may also notice how they were molded by their similar interest as partners, […]

03 Mar 2016
Batanes Prenup Photographer

Prince + Hannah {Prenup Photo and Video}

The engagement session of Prince and Hannah was entirely planned spontaneously. They also gave us an idea on how their prenup session will go and even hired a stylist for the shoot to do the production design of their sets. During the shoot, it was expected that they enjoyed every second of the session and we also got to know their love story that started with a blind date. We are very excited to share this presentation because even the […]

05 Feb 2016
Affordable Wedding Photographer Leyte

Chris + Lara {Love Story}

Before everything happened, it was a daunting task due to the preparations and the ideas that needed to be realized for the shoot. The couple had a lot in mind so we both prepared ourselves by a proper pre-production meeting prior to the shoot. After a productive meeting, we concluded everything by having a movie trailer type of Engagement Video showing their love story. Chris was in charged to plan for the pre-wedding video while Lara is tasked to do […]

24 Dec 2015
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JM + Sherill {Stop Motion Prenup Video}

A year ago, JM and Sherill made it certain to have Eight Productions on their wedding day. The couple then decided to have a stop-motion pre-wedding video. Sherill, the bride, did most of the planning, from the selection of the song, timing and even made all the props necessary for the shoot. On the day of the shoot, it was obvious that JM and Sherill were prepared and ready for the making of the stop-motion video. Unfortunately, the city has […]