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28 Oct 2017
Bacolod Based Wedding Photographer

Fritz + Kay {Bacolod Engagement Mini Movie}

On the day before rocking Bacolod, we had a red light. Fritz and Kay booked the flight good for two photographers and two videographers but sadly, only two photographers arrived and the other two videographers left in Davao because they caught up with big flood on their way to the airport. We thought they could make it because the flight was delayed but fate really did not permit them. So, we moved forward. Everything were well planned accordingly – we […]

20 Jul 2017
Islam Wedding Photographer Ph

Mujid + Ayen {Engagement Video}

Road Trip. Bikes. Surfboards. Beach. Mountain. Love. It was a great adventure not just for Mujid and Ayen but also for the whole team. Climbing the mountain was very challenging for all of us especially we also have things to carry with. It took us a bit while to reach its top but when we arrived there, the view was really awe-inspiring. Indeed it was a tiring adventure but the shoot was really worth it. We took advantage of the […]

04 Jul 2017
Tagaytay Based Wedding Photographer

Rommel + Tanya {Japan Engagement Video}

We were excited to present this magnificent Japan Engagement Film of Rommel and Tanya because it was the first time that we did a pre-wedding video shoot outside the country. For two days of shooting, we did not just admire the wonders of Japan but we even more appreciated the hearts of the lovely couple who were really passionate to make the outcome of this session worthwhile. We cannot express our feelings on how we really fell in love with […]

19 Apr 2017
Prenup Wedding Photographer Pampanga

Carlo + Jen {Engagement Video}

Carlo and Jen are indeed a blessed couple not just for having each other but for putting God on the center of their relationship. They even thought of “3 in 1 Coffee” as their movie title which means YOU, ME, and GOD. Their engagement session was a day filled with fun, love, and laughter that even us were amazed on how they helped us made the outcome of the shoot really wonderful. It was our first time to incorporate a […]

01 Apr 2017

Abe + Omay {Engagement Video}

An amazing playful time with Abe and Omay along the beach and a great opportunity for us to see how they are really in-love with each other. The place was indeed a paradise and it became more romantic and conducive for the shoot because of the presence of the lovely couple. It was really fun working with the couple because both of them were really game in such a way that they are just candidly playing together without us taking […]

30 Dec 2016
baguio wedding photographer portfolios

Ansley + Shine {Engagement Video}

The elegance of the lovely couple and the relaxing touch of green nature greatly complimented with each other during the engagement shoot. I was such a wonderful day to be filled with love from Ansley and Shine, at the same time to make a masterpiece. There was a funny and nerve-racking story behind this session. We got lost in the woods and being reprimanded by the local tribes living on that vicinity. We thank the couple for this experience and […]

22 Dec 2016
Wedding Photographer Cdo

Dom + Straw Love Story {Engagement Video}

As per Dom and Straw, their relationship is always been a miraculous blessing for them. For the past eight years of being together, they encountered ups and down and some unusual challenges. But despite of what they’ve gone through, their faith for each other still remains and never gave up. The couple decided to summarize their love story and turn into a wonderful Engagement Video… Here is Dom and Straw’s fortunate and timely love story with a spice of the […]

21 Dec 2016
Affordable Wedding Photographer Cavite

Hafid + Sang {Engagement Video}

Dentists. Tattoo Artists. Best Buddies. Now, husband and wife. One profession. One passion. Now, as one. Hafid and Sang took us into a challenging but worthwhile experience during their engagement shoot. The surroundings of the countryside wowed us and made us more confident on how to make this video amazing. We thank the couple for giving us this artsy and very cool experience. Here’s Hafid and Sang on their Engagement Video… Cheers! #OneInaMILLAN   Prenup: Make-Up: Jean Ong Location: Agong […]