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01 Dec 2018

Aaron & Tzay {Trailer}

Aaron + Tzay {Trailer} Los Angeles Engagement Shoot   

22 Sep 2018

Jef & Rachelle {AVP}

Jefrey & Rachelle { Trailer } Showing September 26, 2018   

22 Sep 2018

Aron & Dee {Engagement Photo}

Aron & Dee {Engagement Photo} So we had this crazy contest in collab with Concept Studio by the Cheeky Stylist to give away a free Pre-Wedding shoot and free concept design styling. We had more than 100 participants, but were Aron and Dee the lucky ONEs? NO, but they were the lucky 17, because she had 17 friends join the contest and all of them did all the hard stuff just for this bride. They even sent us direct messages […]

30 Aug 2018

Aron & Dee {Pre-Wedding Trailer}

Aron + Dee {Pre-Wedding Trailer} This lovely couple made an effort to win our contest here is a taste of what we have for their wedding day This would not be possible without Concept Studio by the Cheeky Stylist who did such a fantastic job on the set design.   

30 Jul 2018
12 Jul 2018

Alex & Sheng {Love Story}

They just shared their story but the emotions attached to it was just unspeakable.   

26 Jun 2018

Obi & Rk {Engagement Photo}

Obi & Rk {Siargao Pre Wedding Photos} #meantOBIwithRK Siargao had the biggest role in Obi and RK’s relationship, it is the island where they have found love in each other’s arms. Cheers! Location: Siargao Island, Philippines Make-up: Xana Patal No copyright infringement intended 

11 Apr 2018
Gensan Based Wedding Photographer

Jeremy + Johanna {Pre Wedding Video}

Like most couples Jeremy and Johanna had a couple of shy moments at the start of the shoot. As the experience sets in though, true love can make any situation more comfortable. We saw how happy they were when it just felt like they were the only two people in the room. There was a sweet laughter that only Jeremy could bring out from Johanna, and the look in Jeremy’s eye when he was looking at his future wife made […]