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28 Jan 2017
Best Wedding Destination Photographer Philippines

Lloydi Birchmore + Valerie “Bangs” Garcia {London Engagement}

LOVE and LONDON. This luxurious and romantic city in England has become a home for our lovely couple, Lloydi and Valerie. Their magic and chemistry for each other were really evident on this presentation. Since it was our first time to shoot in London, we did a lot of research, thoroughly exchanged emails and plans with the couple, Lloydi and Valerie. We didn’t even figure out earlier that some of the places were prohibited that is why we were drove […]

02 Jan 2017
Wedding Photographer Baguio

Ansley + Shine {Engagement Photo AVP}

It was a gloomy but colorful day at The View when we had a shoot with our lovely couple Ansley and Shine. Everyone was so excited for this session. Everything were also on place and ready until the strong gush of wind blew away all the balloons that supposedly one of the props that they prepared for the shoot. Some of the vases were also broken behind the scenes but everything turned into a wonderful and memorable experience. We ended […]

30 Dec 2016
Baguio Prenup Photographer

Kix + Ella {Engagement Photos AVP}

SHORE THING. This engagement session is nothing but fun under the sun and playing along the shore. Kix and Ella expressed how they enjoyed each other as beach bums. The weather and the venue really gave a real kick to the concept who was actually planned by our lovely couple. Kix and Ella just brought very emotions in this presentation naturally that’s why we also had a great time capturing their moments together and made our job really easy and […]

24 Dec 2016
Cdo Based Wedding Photographer

Hafid + Sang {Engagement Photo AVP}

Watch these moving pictures of Hafid and Sang on how they usually spending time together with their passion and profession.Cdo Based Wedding Photographer every moment was being treasured — from taking care of their patients as dentists, to their skills in painting bodies through tattoos, and up to just simply being with each other as couple and partners in crime. We thank Hafid and Sang for giving us a breathtaking nature trip and bringing us the chance to savor the […]

23 Dec 2016
Affordable Cdo Wedding Photographer

Rafael + Edz {Engagement Photo AVP}

This moving photos show how natural Rafael and Edz are for being with each other. The weather, the breeze, the waves, and even the mood really cooperated during the shoot. It was a blast of love and sunny day that made us all enjoyed the whole time. The smile that came from the heart of Rafael and Edz made our craft more vibrant. We heartily thanking the lovely couple for this extraordinary experience that they allowed us to feel. Here’s […]

05 Dec 2016
Cavite Prenup Photographer

Nico + Imma {Engagement Photos}

Cavite Prenup Photographer Full of love, love, and love whether it’s on the candid photos or even on classic and high fashion shoots. It was a colorful day and everyone was game for the engagement session. We enjoyed the company of Nico and Imma not just for making our job easy and for taking out the best of us, but also for making us more innovative when it comes to maximizing the resources that we have. More excitement happenings coming […]

22 Nov 2016
Wedding Photographer Ilocos Sur

Vincent + Jhoan {Singapore Engagement Session}

The city of Singapore was known to everyone especially its romantic and majestic topography. We were already familiar with the famous spots of Singapore because it was not the first time we shoot there. But this time, we were more prepared with the right gears. It was a bit challenging for all of us because some of the locations were not able to reach by Uber service. But despite of the tiring and long walks, the couple were really game […]

19 Oct 2016
Ilocos Norte Wedding Photographer

Oliver + Melina {Engagement Photos}

It was scorching hot in the metro when we were lucky to shoot in the cool and breezy Saddleback Haven. An amazing place with the important touch of exclusivity. The weather was great, thus making every click perfect. But it wasn’t until we were shooting with the horses that made this shoot more exciting. Luckily the riders were awesome and cooperative with the shoot. Oliver and Melina both looked stunning and was very indulgent with the shoot, and wanted everything […]