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21 Oct 2017
Iloilo Prenup Photographer

Lester + April {Engagement Photos}

Here is a quick story about this prenup session of Lester and April. We had a contest before and the winner will be receiving a free engagement session. Luckily, the sister of April won that prize then eventually she transferred the prize to April. It was indeed a pleasant day to play under the sun. Lester and April were really excited to do this shoot since we will be showcasing their hobbies and interests for their prenup session like adventure, […]

29 Aug 2017
Cebu Based Wedding Photographer

Rex + Met {Prenup Photos + BTS}

Islands are one of the best places to express great love. Just like Rex and Met who really enjoyed the time together as we go along with their engagement shoot. It was fun working with the lovely couple even though the speed boat was a bit delayed. We were very happy during this shoot because they were so eager to make this session worthwhile and memorable. They were so game and courageous even if we ask them to pose on […]

17 Aug 2017
Cebu Wedding Destination Photographer

Ban + Anet {Japan Engagement Photos}

Awe-inspiring views and great love packed as one during Ban and Anet engagement session in Japan. The cold weather did not hinder the lovely couple to deliver their best and to give us what we need from them in order for us to create stunning frames. It was really nice to witness affection and magnificent place working together to build a fantastic masterpiece. We were so inspired and excited to rock this shoot. There were lots of ideas automatically came […]

31 Jul 2017
Best Dumaguete Wedding Photographer

Richard + Leslie {Engagement Photo AVP}

We cannot forget the most spontaneous engagement session of Richard and Leslie because it was really abrupt and everything happened in a flash. On the same day, they rented their wardrobes, drove to Samal Island to look for a perfect place, paid for the entrance fee, then cameras rolled. Gladly that the place has a lot of characters to offer that helped us in making beautiful frames. We had fun shooting the lovely couple because they were natural artists and […]

20 Jul 2017
Muslim Wedding Photographer Philippines

Mujid + Ayen {Engagement Photos AVP}

It was a perfect day of adventure for Mujid and Ayen because the concept of the shoot was planned according to their active hobbies. At first, we were just having a warm up shoot but it seems like the couple were so comfortable and happy with each other that made us create amazing candid shots out of their “kilig” moments. On our way to the venue, it was a bit late for us to run through the sunrise that is […]

18 Jul 2017
Wedding Destination Photographer Ph

James + Ro-Ann London Engagement Photos

London will always be a lovable and great place in wherever part you want to see it. But it became more romantic and beautiful with the presence of our lovely couple, James and Ro-Ann during their engagement session. The day went so smooth, filled with love and happiness that made our shoot very comfortable. This was a fantastic experience and journey for us because we have learn a lot of new things along the way. We thank the couple for […]

17 Jul 2017
Destination Wedding Photographer Ph

Glenn + Diane {Engagement Photos AVP}

The day was filled with colors and excitement. Glenn and Diane felt like they came back to their childhood during the session because of the playful set. The wardrobes and the elegance of the concept really stood out in the outcome of the session. The love and affection between the lovely couple were very evident the whole time and it really inspires us more to create great frames. It was a lovely day with fun experience with the lovely couple […]

03 Jul 2017

Rommel + Tanya {Japan Engagement Photos}

It was the very first time we had a shoot in Japan and this was a wonderful unique experience that is why we really thank Rommel and Tanya for bringing us to this majestic place. We have appreciated much the culture of Japan thanks to the lovely couple. For two consecutive days of shooting, they brought us to a lot of great touristy spots in Japan that wowed us unstoppably. We also appreciated the effort of the couple that even […]