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04 Jun 2015
Who Is The Best Davao Wedding Photographer

Philip + Kristel {Prenup Photos}

Eight Productions had a one of a kind experience with Philip and Kristel when they requested a studio set-up prenup shoot with a bare white background and mere poses that would celebrate their bliss for each other and here are their photographs: The couple had a great impression towards the shoot wherein almost every time, exchanges of laughter filled up thru out the shoot that made them so easy to work with. So now click on the play button and […]

02 Jun 2015
Who Is the Best Wedding Photographer In Davao

Adrian + Ling {Destination Surigao Prenup Photos}

Our feature for today takes us to Surigao City for the wedding of Adrian and Ling. It is the much loved destination wedding of Eight Productions for the month of May. It was a long trip from Davao to Surigao but also lovely, the ride gave us a glimpse of the picturesque landscapes of Surigao. We are at awe and in deepest gratitude when we arrived; the hospitality of our couple is beyond compare. We felt like tourists for having […]

27 Mar 2015
Who Is The Best Tagaytay Wedding Photographer

Benson + June {Tagaytay Highlands Pre-Wedding Shoot}

A combination of great experience and fun filled shoot would define this Tagaytay Prenup Session. To start with, we would like to thank Benson and June and their family for making sure we had a great time during the trip. They served us the best steak experience for lunch and even better Chinese lauriat dinner. The shoot was spontaneous and they wanted the photos to be relaxed and our first bride that wanted to look “normal”, but everyone knows that […]

28 Mar 2013
Best Cebuano Wedding Photographer

Vic + Laine {Engagement Photos}

This was a Surprise Wedding. We know, the first thing to pop in your mind is probably “so how come they have an engagement shoot?” Well, before the bride cancelled the wedding, she had already booked Eight Productions and given the down payment. The groom told the soon-to-be-bride that since there’s a no-refund policy they might as well make the most of the money and go through with the Engagement Session. This couple was one of the coolest couples we’ve […]

23 Feb 2013
Cotabato Wedding Photographer

Randy + Josie {Engagement Session}

This was the fastest booking in our career. They booked us 10 days before their wedding and we did the engagement session with only 4 days left before the big day. They didn’t have a concept in mind since their main concern was to get married before they left for abroad. Due to the time constraints and other things on their plates, we advised them to hire Swan Lake, an engagement stylist team to help with the bride’s clothes and […]

30 Jan 2013
Corporate Photographer Cebu

Ivan + Miki {engagement photos}

It was a miracle in the making, Ivan and Miki flew in to Davao City all the way from England where we literally only had 3 days to get the engagement shoot done.  It was a blur of activities and an  adrenaline rush of productivity. Day 1 (day time): We met for the first time, conceptualized the shoot and recommended Ivan and Miki hire an engagement stylist due to the lack of time. Day 1 (night time): They decided to […]

17 Oct 2012

Val + Janine {Engagement Photos}

The engagement shoot was scheduled two days before the wedding. It’s not something we recommend but sometimes there are circumstances you can’t avoid and when worst comes to worst, we always find a way to pull it off. During the shoot, Val and Janine were very calm and easy to work with, natural-born movie stars. 😉 To know what we’re talking about, check out the photos! Engagement Details: Location 1 – Turtle Sanctuary (thank you Davao Light) Location 2 – […]

16 Oct 2012

Kevin + Leslie {engagement photos}

The concept of Kevin & Leslie’s prenup shoot was inspired by the movie classic “The Notebook” mixed with a nautical theme (since that is what’s related to Kevin). So we thought of the concept and made contact with engagement stylist Swan Lake to make our sets =) Enjoy the photos! Special shout out to Wesley Bangayan for the great location. Engagement Details: Photography – Eight Productions Makeup – Julie Ann Simbajon Engagement Stylist – Swan Lake            Yacht […]