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22 Dec 2015
Wedding Photographer Puerto Princesa Near Me

JM + Sherill {Onsite Video}

Today, we share the Wedding Day of JM and Sherill. The sun was bright and the sky was vivid enough to cast some color on our mood. Upon our arrival at the wedding preparations, it was clear that the Bride cannot contain her excitement because it was felt all over the room, and even her family members were excited and ecstatic on what is about to transpire for the whole day. On the other side of the Hotel, our groom […]

15 Dec 2015
Wedding Photographer Palawan Nearby

Mark + Micah {Onsite Video}

Wedding Day! Micah our lovely bride posted a sunrise photo at around 6 AM in the morning with a caption, “This is it!” which indicated how excited and euphoric she was for her special day. As we arrived at their residence around 8 AM, everyone was still calm and preparing themselves for the Wedding. Breakfast was even served for the team, and no one should decline sumptuous food because in Micah’s abode, food is always delectable. Micah is a professional […]

14 Dec 2015
Wedding Photographer El Nido Nearby

Mark + Micah {Pre-Wedding Photos}

Today, we feature the lovely engagement session of Mark and Micah. Our beautiful couple opted to have a spontaneous session that would clearly define them as a pair. During the shoot, it was not that difficult for them to pose for the camera since they made themselves be who they really are – playing around, teasing each other and a little bit of romance on the side. The locations of the places are remarkably unique and new for Team Eight […]

13 Dec 2015
Wedding Photographer Coron Nearby

Mark + Micah {Opening Billboard}

The Eight Productions Team would like to upload this Opening Billboard (OBB) Presentation hastily so our audiences can see it better and clearly. During the wedding day the LCD Projector provider had some technical difficulties – they actually murdered our presentation – with their projector and it affected our presentations greatly in terms of clarity. Despite the unfortunate incident, the guests are still appreciative with our OBB, and still received a big round of applause and a standing ovation. Please […]

19 Nov 2015
Wedding Photographer Puerto Princesa Nearby

Tom + Quennie {Onsite Video}

Wedding Day! Upon our early arrival at the hotel, the groom was about to eat his breakfast while the bride started doing her make-up earlier than the usual. The groom had it all covered, doing everything slowly and calmly but surely is excited on the part wherein he is going to suit-up and anticipating her bride to walk down the aisle. On the other side of the hotel, the bride was purely convinced that this is the day she was […]

03 Jul 2015
Dabawenyo Wedding Photographer

Ralph + Melissa {Same Day Edit}

Rain was all over the place as we got to The View at around 8am. Luckily a few hours later, the skies cleared up and we know that even a moody weather will not cease us to make this day very special. After our two day straight prenup shoot with the couple, it made us already really comfortable working with the love birds and them to us that made the whole shooting experience superb. We had such a great time […]