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21 Dec 2018

Nick & Mitch {Onsite Photo}

Congratulations Nick & Mitch From Team Eight Productions Please View in HD ” WHEN NICK MET MITCH ” { Onsite Photo }   

21 Dec 2018

Nick & Mitch {Engagement Photo}

Congratulations Nick & Mitch From Team Eight Productions Please View in HD ” WHEN NICK MET MITCH ” { Engagement Photo }   

17 Dec 2018

Erwin & Pritzel {Engagement Photo}

Congratulations Erwin & Pritzel From Team Eight Productions Full wedding details to follow ” A PERFECT MATCH ” { Engagement Photo }   

15 Nov 2018

Ben & Sep {Onsite Photos}

Ben & Sep { Onsite Photo } Siargao Wedding – The coolest beach wedding we shot in this island!  Ceremony and Reception: Bayud Boutique Resort , Siargao Islands Make-up bride: Shony Retiza Bridal Hair: Rolito Cuizon Gown: Celine Borromeo Grooms suit: Dino Loren Coordinator: Janis Medina Reginio of The Events Factory Decorator: Soljin Robles of S Team Events Host: Otek Durante Photo and Video: Eight Productions

07 Oct 2018

Justino @ 70 {Onsite Video}

Just @ 70 { Onsite Video } Again on our last installment, this is our first time to shoot a birthday party of a 70-year-old gentleman. Going to the hotel we had nothing on our mind, we didn’t know what would happen, all we knew is he would be arriving from a boat and no preps, no make up whatsoever. When we started shooting and as we listened to the speeches we discovered what a great guy Tito Just is. […]

06 Oct 2018

Justino @ 70 { Pre-birthday Photo }

Just @ 70 { Pre-birthday Photo } First, we had this question on how do you shoot a 70-year-old gentleman? The answers were simple, we shoot him like how we shoot teenagers, like how we shoot grooms, like the regular grind we do. We had a great photo shoot with Tito Just since he was so game even to do hazardous stuff just to get the shot we want. Please view in HD Music Licensed via Song Freedom 

05 Oct 2018

Justino @ 70 {Onsite Photo}

Justino @ 70 { Onsite Photo } Full details to follow for now enjoy only in HD =) Music licensed via Song Freedom 

04 Oct 2018

Justino @ 70 {Life Story}

Just @ 70 { LIFE STORY } Our first time to shoot someone 70 years of age and we thought it would be hard, but it turned out to be easy and we had a great experience. Tito Just simply followed all our directions and he was such in the mood even if we shot till night time. His eldest grandson was also natural with his acting skills. Get to know our celebrant by watching this video only in HD =) […]