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24 Jul 2018

Ernesto at 50 {Biography}

Ernesto at 50 {Biography} Golden Boy’s life story and how everything started! Location: Tokyo Japan PS The whole Team Eight Productions would like to thank the Borja family for all the blessings you guys have given us. We just love you and cheers to more years to come!   

17 Jul 2018

Erning at 50 {Japan Photoshoot}

Excited to share our shoot in Tokyo with Tito Erning and the coolest Borja Family! Please view in HD.   

14 Sep 2017
Best Davao Debut Photographer

Erinne “A Decade & Eight” {Debut}

What we really adore about Erinne’s special day was the celebration of family and of love. It was hours filled of happiness and getting together to witness a baby becoming a lady. The entire day was a wonderful story to tell and everyone who love our debutante, Erinne, really spent time with her to behold how she bloomed as a woman. While we were in Cebu, we have witnessed how Erinne’s family was very supportive to her. That is why […]

07 Sep 2017
Affordable Davao Debut Photographer

Erinne “A Decade & Eight”{Predebut Photos}

The fierceness and gorgeousness of Erinne really shone during her predebut fashion session held around the different best spots of Cebu City. The weather was a bit shaky from dry to being wet but nothing can hinder us from making masterpieces out of our energetic and very attractive debutante. Cebu was great, all locations were awe-inspiring and unique. It was well-planned out shoot and everything happened just what we want. It was also nice to see a very talented make-up […]

02 Aug 2017
Cebu Based Debut Photographer

Alexa Turns 18 {Fashion Shoot}

The island of Samal has always been a convenient choice for a photoshoot for Davaoeños not only because of its close proximity, but its beaches can rival those other island locations that you usually see. Shooting the pre-debut shoot of Alexa was distinctive compared to the usual engagement sessions that we do here. The team can describe the experience as fresh and even our creativity has transcended our usual style. When you have a debutante as beautiful, lovely and wonderful […]

26 Jul 2017
Davao Based Debut Photographer

Jhazmin Now Legal {Debut Onsite Video}

Jhazmin was indeed a gorgeous lady with a kind heart. We were able to know her more from her predebut session up to her big day and we can say that aside from being lovely, she is really beautiful inside and out. She has proven to everyone that at the earliest stage of her life, she is already a true winner. We were grateful for having Jhazmin as our adorable client, as well as her family for taking good care […]

24 Jul 2017
Debut Photographer Davao

JHAZMIN 18 {Trailer}

“A Moment To Remember” Showing July 22, 2017 Starring: Jhazmin Audrey Tan Yamuta Watch out for her dazzling Debut Onsite Photos on our next attraction… View only in Full HD! Cheers! Predebut HMUA: Otoi Mercado and Wyndell Samuya Davao Debut Photographer: Eight Productions  Debut Photographer Davao Davao Debut Videographer: Eight Productions  Debut Photographer Davao   Debut Photographer Davao Awesomness and more awesomeness! This is what debut should be like , it’s a legit pre debut anyway?  So for our Instagram portfolio, just […]

03 Aug 2015
Best Davao Prenup Photographer

Raqi + Lani {Onsite Video}

On the wedding day, the couple was greeted by close friends that came all the way from Mati and Tacurong City. The long aisle of Santa Ana church was graced by the bride and everyone knew it was going to be a good day to get married. Raqi and Lani exuded glamour and excellence on their wedding day even though it had an early call time. The electricity in the air from everyone’s excitement also gave the couple an extra […]