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Watch these moving pictures of Hafid and Sang on how they usually spending time together with their passion and profession.Cdo Based Wedding Photographer every moment was being treasured — from taking care of their patients as dentists, to their skills in painting bodies through tattoos, and up to just simply being with each other as Read more ..

This moving photos show how natural Rafael and Edz are for being with each other. The weather, the breeze, the waves, and even the mood really cooperated during the shoot. It was a blast of love and sunny day that made us all enjoyed the whole time. The smile that came from the heart of Read more ..

As per Dom and Straw, their relationship is always been a miraculous blessing for them. For the past eight years of being together, they encountered ups and down and some unusual challenges. But despite of what they’ve gone through, their faith for each other still remains and never gave up. The couple decided to summarize Read more ..