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21 Dec 2016
Affordable Wedding Photographer Cavite

Hafid + Sang {Engagement Video}

Dentists. Tattoo Artists. Best Buddies. Now, husband and wife. One profession. One passion. Now, as one. Hafid and Sang took us into a challenging but worthwhile experience during their engagement shoot. The surroundings of the countryside wowed us and made us more confident on how to make this video amazing. We thank the couple for giving us this artsy and very cool experience. Here’s Hafid and Sang on their Engagement Video… Cheers! #OneInaMILLAN   Prenup: Make-Up: Jean Ong Location: Agong […]

15 Dec 2016
Cavite Based Wedding Photographer

Rafael + Edz {Engagement Video}

Cavite Based Wedding Photographer Love and nature has been a great combo for engagement sessions. Rafael and Edz brought us to an awesome place, Davao Oriental. Though it was not the first time that we had a shoot session on that place, Davao Oriental never stop to amaze us every time we have a chance to be there. We thank the couple for this extreme adventure and giving us the chance to shoot them while riding an ultralight plane and […]

13 Dec 2016
Wedding Photographer Cavite

Rafael + Edz {Opening Billboard}

Even during the suppliers meeting with our Wedding Photographer Cavite , we knew from the start that Rafael and Edz’s special day will really turn into a great one and will be going smoothly according to the plans. Rafael and Edz were really hands-on to make their wedding a very personalized and memorable. All of their families and friends were amazed on how they made this momentous event a fantastic one. Here’s Rafael and Edz’s Opening Billboard… Please stay tuned […]

06 Dec 2016
Prenup Photographer Cavite

Nico + Imma {Onsite Video}

Prenup Photographer Cavite It was indeed a lovely day for Nico and Imma with their families and friends. We must say that it was also a great time for us because we had an opportunity to cover a wedding that has three (3) bestmen and three (3) maids of honor. During the reception, it was an outdoor set and everyone was praying that there will be no rain. Risky on the part of the couple and the wedding coordinator knowing […]

05 Dec 2016
Cavite Prenup Photographer

Nico + Imma {Engagement Photos}

Cavite Prenup Photographer Full of love, love, and love whether it’s on the candid photos or even on classic and high fashion shoots. It was a colorful day and everyone was game for the engagement session. We enjoyed the company of Nico and Imma not just for making our job easy and for taking out the best of us, but also for making us more innovative when it comes to maximizing the resources that we have. More excitement happenings coming […]