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01 Feb 2017
Premium Wedding Photographer Boracay

Lloydi Birchmore + Valerie “Bangs” Garcia {Wedding Onsite Video}

Premium Wedding Photographer Boracay Indeed, it was a blessed day for Lloydi and Val knowing that it has been drizzly and gloomy these past few days. But on the day of their very special moment, the weather was wonderful and sunny that made the place more conducive for their magical beach wedding. And a very perfect time to reminisce the moments when Lloydi proposed the marriage to Val on the same island. All their families and friends from different part […]

24 Jan 2016
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Timoy + Carmi {Opening Billboard}

We surely cannot wait to post everything from Timoy and Carmi’s special day! This wedding had those great lovely moments with also a remarkable story behind it! For now here’s Timoy and Carmi’s Opening Billboard (OBB) ! *keep in mind that this 4 minute presentation is an OBB presented at the first part of the wedding and not an Onsite Photo Presentation which is presented at the last part of the wedding. Indulge on how each great photo follows another. […]

19 Jan 2016
Boracay Prenup Photographer

Boracay Pre-Wedding | Taru and Ayu

 Boracay Prenup  Photographer   Looking for Boracay Prenup Photographer? Now this is the page! Most of the travel junkies all over the world have heard amazing things about Boracay. This small island in the Philippines has earned its bragging right by getting an enormous amount of attention from the media and social networking sites as one of the world’s top island destinations. With its magnificent, powdered and almost sugary looking sand, Boracay’s white beach is the focal point of excitement […]

31 Dec 2015
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RJ + Sam {Onsite Video}

As the great year of 2015 is about to end, our last wedding for this year definitely ended with an awesome festive vibe! Wedding Preparations – The Marco Polo Hotel was filled with guests from RJ and Sam’s wedding. The Presidential Suite of the Bride had the most optimistic atmosphere and everyone in the room had a slice of relaxation brought by the perfectly chilled champagne and a great choice of music. On the other side of the hotel, the […]

01 Jun 2015
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Philip + Kristel {Opening Billboard}

Surely everyone from the guest all the way from USA, UK, and around Asia is excited to view the Opening Billboard (OBB) of Philip and Kristel. So hit that play button quick! At the time of opening billboard, everyone gets excited. we made sure that all such excitement and joy was captured in the heart of our photographs without any room for misplacement. Philip and Kristel’s opening billboard was one of a kind. Everything was managed according to a smooth […]

29 May 2015
Who Is The Best Boracay Wedding Photographer

Adrian + Ling {Opening Billboard}

Our Surigao wedding was marvelous! We had lots of time to play with during the broken time (the time between the Ceremony and Reception). Check out this Opening Billboard (OBB) to see a preview the wedding, then make sure to stay tuned daily for their Engagement Photo AVP and Onsite Video.Adrian and Ling were very cooperative throughout their wedding. They were patient and understood the terms and conditions of every location and the procedure to take the photographs. You can […]