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15 Dec 2018
20 Apr 2018
19 Mar 2018
Crazy Rich Asians Boracay Wedding Photographer

Ching & Yun {Boracay Pre Wedding Photos}

Crazy Rich Asians Boracay Wedding Photographer   Crazy Rich Asians Boracay Wedding Photographer? Boracay has been one of our most visited places for wedding and prenups because of just how beautiful the island is. So we’ve gone around the island a few times and know where a lot of the awesome photoshoot spots are! Ching and Yun, a Chinese couple from Brunei, heard so much about this island and they fell in love with it and decided to have it […]

06 Mar 2018
awesome boracay wedding photographer

James + Mildred {Boracay Pre Wedding Photos}

  Awesome Boracay Wedding Photographer   Awesome boracay wedding photographer? We love shooting in Boracay, what’s not to love there? The beautiful beaches, the scenic rock formations, the gorgeous sand and a huge plus is it’s a party every night. Then we met James and Mildred, this couple wanted adventure. Instead of the usual, they wanted to get on jet skis and go parasailing, it was so much fun! Check out our Facebook page HERE for more awesome photos in […]

03 Apr 2017
Premium Boracay Wedding Photographer

Abe + Omay {Boracay Onsite Wedding Video}

Premium Boracay Wedding Photographer   As the day started to be very hot, Abe and Omay were also starting to gear up for their very special day. It was humid but the coolness in the smile of every people who loves the couple were really immeasurable. You can see the excitement in their eyes and how they really prepared for this much-awaited event in the life of Abe and Omay.You can also check our official Facebook page HERE. Everything was […]

30 Mar 2017
Professional Boracay Wedding Photographer

Abe + Omay {Onsite Photos}

Professional Boracay Wedding Photographer    WE ARE BACK TO BORACAY ONCE AGAIN! It was indeed a hot summer day in Boracay, but it did not hinder the people who love Abe and Omay not to be a part of their very special day. All flew to this wonderful island to celebrate the union of the lovely couple. Some relatives and friends came from Davao, some came from the other side of the world just to witness the great love of […]

28 Mar 2017
Best Wedding Photographer Boracay

Abe + Omay {Engagement Photos}

  Best Wedding Photographer Boracay   Best Wedding Photographer Boracay is here! Check out this amazing story of  Abe and Omay really started our summer with a hot fudge. Though the ride going to this hidden paradise called Kalinawan was really long, we really enjoyed the time spent with the lovely couple. We even had a chance to know a bit more of the couple when the whole team spent an overnight stay with them and their gang in that […]

09 Feb 2017
best boracay wedding photographer

Boracay Celebrity Wedding | Lloydi Birchmore & Valerie “Bangs” Garcia

“TWO SOULS, ONE HEART” Engagement Shoot Location: London, United Kingdom Photography: Eight Productions   Best Boracay Wedding Photographer We enjoyed this super spectacular  Boracay Wedding!  Visit our Facebook page HERE and request our service quotation HERE.    Have you ever wondered what a celebrity wedding looks like? well, have a look at these pictures that show nothing but beauty, class and quality all in one. We really enjoyed working with Lloydi and Valerie, they had everything, all ideas set up for getting […]