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04 Oct 2018

Justino @ 70 {Life Story}

Just @ 70 { LIFE STORY } Our first time to shoot someone 70 years of age and we thought it would be hard, but it turned out to be easy and we had a great experience. Tito Just simply followed all our directions and he was such in the mood even if we shot till night time. His eldest grandson was also natural with his acting skills. Get to know our celebrant by watching this video only in HD =) […]

24 Jul 2018

Ernesto at 50 {Biography}

Ernesto at 50 {Biography} Golden Boy’s life story and how everything started! Location: Tokyo Japan PS The whole Team Eight Productions would like to thank the Borja family for all the blessings you guys have given us. We just love you and cheers to more years to come!