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19 Dec 2016
Wedding Photographer Balesin

Dom + Straw {Opening Billboard}

After eight long years, Dom and Straw has decided to lay down their vows and embraced the new chapter in their lives as husband and wife. Everyone and everything were special for the newlywed couple because they have planned their special day according to what they thought would make this magical event perfect and memorable. Eight Productions were able to capture the priceless moments of the wedding from the eyes and heart of the people who became a part of […]

19 Dec 2016
Balesin Prenup Photographer

Hafid + Sang {Opening Billboard}

    We are very much excited to post about the wedding of Hafid and Sang because this is a very unconventional beach weddings we have ever covered. For our record, we were able to showcase a wedding that has the most numbers of entourage so far with nineteen (19) lovely bridesmaid and nineteen (19) dashing groomsmen.Balesin Prenup Photographer It was indeed a wonderful day of love, fun, music, arts, and great waves from Dahican Beach. Here’s a glimpse of […]