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First, we would like to apologize since this blog post will be talking more about our experience. We will talk more about the wedding on the next blog. You may scroll down right away if you just want to see great photos. But if you would like to know how our day was made, Great! Read more ..

The wedding was conceivably beautiful. The day was filled with people who love our newlywed couple, Kix and Ella. Everyone travelled all the way to Samal Island to witness the union of two hearts becoming into one. The groom, Kix was really a dapper and Ella, the bride, on the other hand was really gorgeous Read more ..

The beautiful day was filled with ocean breeze and rays of the smiling sun all over the place as Kix and Ella joined together as one. The people who came to be part of their special day were very excited to hear their exchanging of vows and every moment as they start their ways as Read more ..

The elegance of the lovely couple and the relaxing touch of green nature greatly complimented with each other during the engagement shoot. I was such a wonderful day to be filled with love from Ansley and Shine, at the same time to make a masterpiece. There was a funny and nerve-racking story behind this session. Read more ..