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28 Oct 2017
Best Bacolod Wedding Photographer

Fritz + Kay {Bacolod Engagement Photos}

It was a great Bacolod experience with Fritz and Kay. When we arrived there, we were greeted with delectable oyster (talaba), lobsters, crabs, and many other mouthwatering foods. The entire place is amazing and all of the locations were really awe-inspiring. Each location has its own character and very rich in history. Fritz and Kay definitely nailed the photo shoot and were so natural like models. Their wardrobes styling were really beyond expectations and perfectly fit with the locations. The […]

28 Oct 2017
Affordable Bacolod Wedding Photographer

Fritz + Kay {Wedding Onsite Video}

The unique union of Fritz and Kay was a traditional Filipino wedding. Their whole preparation took place in their homes and for the first time, we were able to cover a colorful Fiesta themed wedding. It made us connect-the-dots that the reason why they opted to have their engagement session in Bacolod is because they wanted to have a Filipino Wedding. Guests were came to different parts of the world who really made ways and time to be with our […]

28 Oct 2017
Bacolod Based Wedding Photographer

Fritz + Kay {Bacolod Engagement Mini Movie}

On the day before rocking Bacolod, we had a red light. Fritz and Kay booked the flight good for two photographers and two videographers but sadly, only two photographers arrived and the other two videographers left in Davao because they caught up with big flood on their way to the airport. We thought they could make it because the flight was delayed but fate really did not permit them. So, we moved forward. Everything were well planned accordingly – we […]

27 Oct 2017
Wedding Photographer Bacolod

Fritz + Kay {Onsite Photos}

What a lovely day for our lovely couple Fritz and Kay to spend their very special day with their dearest family and friends. It was a great honor for us to be a part of this modern Filipino Wedding and it gives us big smiles while remembering each moment of this amazing day. We are much more excited to tell you the story bout Fritz and Kay’s Bacolod Adventure during their Engagement Session. Now we give you the Wedding Onsite […]

23 May 2017
Wedding Photographer Batangas

Perci + Kitz {Wedding Onsite Video}

It was a day filled with love and laughter. For Perci and Kitz, it was the most special moment in their life as married couple and the start of their never ending happiness. It was an intimate wedding that surrounded by their friends and families all the way from Dubai and different parts of Mindanao. The whole entourage were really game and fun to be with, that is why we don’t have any difficulties of producing great photos and film. […]

24 Oct 2015
Wedding Photographer Bacolod Near Me

Kris + Tine {Save The Date}

Wedding Photographer Bacolod Near Me Wedding Photographer Bacolod Near Me is Eight Productions . When you want an awesome team to work with your weddings? Then you might find us interesting! Check out our portfolio now and don’t forget to watch our Facebook.   Excited for Kris and Tine’s wedding! Let’s have fun on their wedding day! Play in Full HD.

14 Oct 2015
Wedding Photographer Bacolod Nearby

Patrick + Wella {Onsite Video}

Every wedding is unique in the most beautiful way, but not every wedding you get to be greeted with a sumptuous breakfast matched with an ice-cold beer! As we arrived at Eden Nature Park, we were suddenly greeted with a beautiful smile from the bride and invited us to have breakfast in the villa, while the groom with his charming look invited us to have some beer. This goes to show that every wedding is different and this is one […]