Boracay Pre-Wedding | Taru and Ayu

Boracay Prenup Photographer

 Boracay Prenup  Photographer


Looking for Boracay Prenup Photographer? Now this is the page! Most of the travel junkies all over the world have heard amazing things about Boracay. This small island in the Philippines has earned its bragging right by getting an enormous amount of attention from the media and social networking sites as one of the world’s top island destinations. With its magnificent, powdered and almost sugary looking sand, Boracay’s white beach is the focal point of excitement and action in Boracay and mostly the primary sight most tourists see. The White Beach of Boracay is a 4 km picturesque and even postcard worthy stretch of sand lined from one end to the other with various establishments where you can also enjoy. And the amazing Boracay Island is also a haven for photographers, with that long introduction, it only shows how Eight Productions really love doing destination shoots here.If you want to learn more of our services, feel free to click HERE.

Taru and Ayu are both from Japan and heard wonders of this slice of paradise located in the Philippines. We asked the couple how they knew about Boracay and they replied that it is very popular in their country and mostly all of their friends have already been in Boracay. So since they just had been engaged already, they had planned to do their pre-wedding session in Boracay. Taru and Ayu wholeheartedly chose us by seeing our portfolio with our previous Boracay related photoshoots. It was a whole day of Engagement Session, the lovely couple were both amazing in the photographs and while their doing the shoot, they are enjoying the beach at the same time.More awesome photos at our Instagram page, visit us HERE.

We cannot express our gratitude of having been able to serve this Japanese couple wholeheartedly! There were many aspects that needed to be taken care of and we made sure that everything was set according to its place. This particular couple; Taru and Ayu wanted to have a prenup Boracay Photography done that would blow their minds. You must be wondering how we got the opportunity to serve this Japanese couple? Well, it looks like Boracay has made its mark in the other countries owing to its beautiful nature and scenic island locations. Check out this article for more ideas on pre-wedding photography.



We would like to genuinely thank Taru and Ayu for having Eight Productions as their  Boracay Prenup Photographer.

Cheers! Enjoy this AVP only on High Definition!


Location: Boracay Island
Make-up: The Bride did her own Make-up.
Boracay Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions
Boracay Wedding Video: Eight Productions

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