Glenn + Diane {Opening Billboard}

Glenn + Diane {Opening Billboard}

According to their loved ones, it was a successful nurse-doctor love story knowing how busy their schedules were but they evenly managed everything to be healthy about their relationship. What a lovely day for Glenn and Diane, all of their wishes on their wedding day came true.

They were so game to make the outcome of their session really outstanding. We keep on telling them how they were really doing great on their photos and films. We were so grateful for having them because they made it “Fun at Work” for us.

Here’s the premiere of Glenn and Diane’s Opening Billboard…

Watch out for their FUN Engagement Session on our next blog post…


View in HD


Decorations: Jade Cameo of Cameo Events
Coordinator: Vern Mercurio

Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions Bohol Based Wedding Photographer
Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions Bohol Based Wedding Photographer

Bohol Based Wedding Photographer

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