Bec & Geri {Maldives Engagement Photos}

Best Wedding Photographer Maldives

We have been lucky enough to have been able to travel to lots of beautiful places all around the world, but one real Instagram-worthy location that had been on our bucket-list for quite some time was the Maldives, but it was just too expensive and it’s such a long journey. We thought this would have to stay on the list, until we talked to Bec!

When we got the message from Bec saying she was looking for photographers to being to the Maldives, without thinking about it we jumped at the opportunity and said YES! This dream was about to come true and we were EXCITED!

So everything was set, and it was time, but first, we had to get there and boy was that interesting to say the least! To give you an idea how long it is to travel to the Maldives – Davao to Manila is a 2 hours flight, a 4 hour layover, then another 4 hours from Manila to Kuala Lumpur (KL), an 8 hours layover, then KL to Male which was another 4 hour flight and an overnight stay before heading to Maafushi Island the next day. From Maafushi it was paradise left and right! We could go to different resorts, beautiful villa and locations surroundings us and awesome water activities.

Watch out for our next blog on more about the Maldives, but for now enjoy the photos!

View only in HD.


The best shoot ever we had in Maldives!  This is Bec  + Geri one of the coolest clients we ever had in here. For quotation, please click this LINK. For more gallery views , kindly check our Instagram.  Best Wedding Photographer Maldives ,  Best Wedding Photographer Maldives 


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