Abe + Omay {Engagement Photos}

Best Wedding Photographer Boracay


Best Wedding Photographer Boracay


Best Wedding Photographer Boracay is here! Check out this amazing story of  Abe and Omay really started our summer with a hot fudge. Though the ride going to this hidden paradise called Kalinawan was really long, we really enjoyed the time spent with the lovely couple. We even had a chance to know a bit more of the couple when the whole team spent an overnight stay with them and their gang in that island.

We really thank Abe and Omay for this unforgettable escapade. It was a very nice shoot because the lovely couple were really cool for being into it and would want the outcome of their photos according to their expectations.To inquire about our rates click HERE ! Want to know more about our amazing photos? Click also HERE.

Here is Abe and Omay’s Summer Engagement Escapade…

Stay tuned for their majestic Summer Boracay Wedding blogs…



Engagement Location: Kalinawan, Garden City of Samal
Makeup Artist: Ralph Arocena
Stylist: Concepto Hadassah
Davao Wedding Photography: Eight Productions Best Wedding Photographer Boracay
Davao Wedding Videography: Eight Productions Best Wedding Photographer Boracay



The best way to deliver high quality photos to the couple is to adopt the fact that these are not just photos. In fact, they hold much more importance for a couple as they tie the knot and get united on their special day forever. As we got to spend quality time with Abe and Omay though the ride, we listened carefully to their fairy tale and that motivated us even more to give this couple the perfect engagement photography experience that they would remember for the rest of their lives! Don’t forget to check the tips available on engagement photos.Luckily mobile bar from Bottoms up too joins the party.

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