JC + Kristine {Tagum Banana Beach Onsite Video}

JC + Kristine {Tagum Banana Beach Onsite Video}

The most “chill lang” couple that we have ever shot. We didn’t do their engagement photo shoot, we only met them once months before the wedding when they booked. This is our story.

“Chill lang” – That was the first word of the groom stated on their wedding day. JC, who is also a photographer we thought we would be pressured since he know lighting and all, but thankfully he was the one that understood how we do our craft. There was this one part of the shoot that we stated it would be around 3-4 takes since one take would be full shoot, next half body, next close up, then he stated “pano yung embrace na shot” that moment we knew he was the one who selected us and we are happy to be in his standards. Then going to Kristine, the bride when we were riding the speed boat most of the wine glasses broke (accidentally) because we were in #FullSpeedBiakLahat moment, but instead of the bride being a bridezilla she just said “that’s ok just charge it to my room” and she said it with no hesitation.

So we therefore conclude that when we are not pressured, and we are in the “chill lang” mode, we can deliver with optimal results. We would stop this blog and we would love you to embrace how JC and Kristine’s wedding turned out perfectly.

View only in HD.

Tagum Wedding Details:

Preparation: Banana Beach (bride) and plantation house (groom) hijo resorts davao
Church: n/a
Reception: Hijo resorts davao

Make-up bride: sofia sibala
Make-up entourage: sofia sibala
Gown: mel orlina
Shoes: Daphne達芙妮 Taiwan
Grooms suit: Zara
Shoes: R.E. Craftsman
Invitation: Treprints
Coordinator: 8s ur event coordination
Decorator: Master piece & events by monna fe quibuen
Engagement Ring: —
Rings: 金傳山 (Yang Jin Shan Taipei)
Give aways: n/a
Bridal car: n/a
Catering: hijo resorts davao
Cake: Happy cakes by Zeny M.
Mobile bar: Hijo resorts davao
Host: rex del rosario
Photo booth: the booth instaprint
Dessert Station: Hijo resorts davao
Tagum Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions
Tagum Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions

Special mention to:
Gown entourage: Tantease
Wedding officiant: Justice Edgardo Camello
Special thanks to Marco & Camille Camello for helping us through out the preparation.
Thanks to Atty. Mans Carpio, Mayor Sara and family for spending the weekend with us



Best Tagum Wedding Photographer 


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Best Tagum Wedding Photographer

Best Tagum Wedding Photographer

Best Tagum Wedding Photographer


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