Kelvin + Joanna {Onsite Photos}

Kelvin + Joanna {Onsite Photos}

A wedding not only filled with love ones but filled with “class” as well.

Honestly it’s hard to impress a wedding photographer with your wedding details, because obviously we shoot wedding for a living and have witness first hand luxurious weddings. This time with Kelvin and Joanna’s selection of details, gorgeous gown, and jaw droppin’ decoration we had that OMG wedding moment one more time.

We would cut you here so just enjoy the photos and stay tuned for their onsite video next on the blog.

Make sue to view ONLY in HD.


Wedding Details:
Photo & Video: Eight Productions
Preparation and Reception: Marco Polo Davao
Church: Sta Ana Parish
Make-up: Davey Marquez
Gown: Maizy Colleen
Coordinator: Juvy Roilo
Decorations: Khim Cruz

View only in HD.

Best Photographer Davao 

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