Jm + Chell {Onsite Video}

Best Groom Photographer Philippines

From San Francisco with love and back to Davao, we are proud to present the EPIC wedding of Jm and Chell!!! Best Groom Photographer Philippines is always on point during the day!

It was an early 8 AM call time for Eight Productions and the feeling of excitement filled the air as we started to shoot the wedding of JM and Chell. As we entered the rooms for the preparation, we noticed that the suppliers needed for that certain time of the day seemed to be late. The Bride’s gown arrived an hour late with two seamstress still doing some finishing touches and for the first time the seam-STRESS gave us STRESS. The Barongs of the Groom’s entourage are also late, a Barong is an embroidered formal clothing which is considered the national dress of the Philippines for men. So all our shots were dominantly candid and pre-gown look, after everyone had their quick lunch, all had to hurry to finish every shoot essential for the early part of the day. And being a little bit late for the Wedding Ceremony was inevitable, but the ceremony went smooth and quick which gave us a great time lead for the reception which is an island-hour away.

We did a few couple of shots in the Davao Shore before heading to SECDEA Beach Resort via speed boat as we were excited to shoot them in the speed boat with our #AirEight (Eight Productions’ Aerial Drone & the Best Groom Photographer Philippines); a dark cloud emerged from the sky and heavy rain started pouring, all of us riding the speed boat were so soaking wet including the couple. We were not entirely worried about any of our equipment being wet since we had a compartment to put them in, but we were more worried about how the couple would feel on their wedding day. The rain did not stop Jm and Chell for having a great time and even cared less for the weather, their optimistic attitude shed light to the gloomy skies. They knew that despite the weather it will still be a beautiful memorable day, and they are even excited to wear another set of clothes for the reception. While the bride was doing her make-up for the second time, we rushed into the room the couple assigned for us and wait for our clothes to be dry. So around at 7:30 PM the Reception formally started and the show must go on, during this time the team still did not have the “money shots” that we were looking for due to the interruption of the weather. So eager to get those money shots, at dinner time we invited the couple for a short shoot while everyone was eating their sumptuous meal. We are very glad that what we got the photographs that we are visualizing and preparing for, slowly the team exhaled deeply and at the same time said “this is still going to be EPIC”. And from the start until the end of the day, the Wedding of JM and Chell was really epic!!!

Enjoy this onsite wedding video!!! View only in HD!

Prenup Location:
San Francisco, USA

Wedding Location:
Preparation: Waterfront Insular Davao
Church: St. Joseph the Worker Church
Reception SECDEA Beach Resort, Samal

Make-up bride: Joveth Pichon
Make-up entourage: Make up box.Design Studio
Shoes: Perry Ellis
Coordinator: Swan Lake
Decorator: Swan Lake
Flowers: Swan Lake
Give aways: Bath and Body Works
Bridal car: Kenneth Sy
Rings: Kay’s Jewelry
Cake: Corinna & Mom’s
Mobile bar: Cocktails and Dreamsz
Host: Don Gonzales
Photo booth: Funpix Davao

Special Mention: Iko Go for the speedboat, Kate for the impromptu evening Hair & Make up (Since the make-up washed out during the rain. 🙂 )

Best Groom Photographer Philippines

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