Vic + Laine {Engagement Photos}

Best Cebuano Wedding Photographer

This was a Surprise Wedding. We know, the first thing to pop in your mind is probably “so how come they have an engagement shoot?” Well, before the bride cancelled the wedding, she had already booked Eight Productions and given the down payment. The groom told the soon-to-be-bride that since there’s a no-refund policy they might as well make the most of the money and go through with the Engagement Session. This couple was one of the coolest couples we’ve encountered. The first time we met the bride was on the actual engagement shoot and she was game and fun to work with. The thing we could not forget about was when they told us “Guys! We brought chocolates for energy” hahaha. During the quick shoot (2 hours) they acted quick and were so cooperative. Their energy levels were infectious that we actually forgot to take a break! Anyway, please stay tuned for their wedding photos and videos, they are being uploaded as we speak. Enjoy the photos.

Make-up by: Carmen Smith
Engagement Styling by: Swan Lake Concepts
Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions

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Best Cebuano Wedding Photographer

Who else would be the Best Cebuano Wedding Photographer?  Eight Productions is among the top list.Check out our awesome portfolio right now! Here is our Instagram too.

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