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Best Baguio Wedding Photographer

First, we would like to apologize since this blog post will be talking more about our experience. We will talk more about the wedding on the next blog.

You may scroll down right away if you just want to see great photos. But if you would like to know how our day was made, Great! By all means, read on. =)

“It started slow but it definitely ended with a BANG!” – We have heard this phrase a couple of times now, but never had the chance to use it in one of our blogs. This was the perfect wedding to state it, and here is why:

Hotel – During the wedding preparations we have found ourselves in a small hotel room (since it was fully booked and that was the only room left) with all of the brides maids, a couple of make-up artist, and the coordinator. The room was packed and we could not figure out how to shoot in it. We got the wedding details and shot outside but to be honest, it was hard to build momentum at that stage. We got the bride who was still in her robe together with her gown (placed on the mannequin) and the imported bouquet to shoot at the pool side, this was the FIRST BANG!

There were great shots one after another, her bridal glow made us forget about how chaotic the room was and charged our momentum up. When we went back to the room, still filled with everyone and everything. We slowly cleared up by the window side and the bed. Everyone from the entourage happily cooperated with excitement that hyped us even more to generate fun images. From our mindset of a “chaotic room” we transformed it to be a great studio.

Church – Everyone was in their formal wear, with a newly renovated church it was an easy click, right? Yes, but what made the images even more powerful were the raw emotions captured. Everyone was emotional as the bride had her walk and this was our SECOND BANG!

Reception – On the convoy towards the reception, we had a little hiccup as our car got into a little accident. Our momentum got a little down, but this was totally recovered after seeing the decorations made by Floral Pink Designs (FPD). While the couple was having a light snack, we had enough time to change the lights and prepare the effects and made the ballroom just the way we wanted it to be captured. This was our THIRD BANG!

Again: “It started slow but it definitely ended with a BANG!”

Enjoy the Opening Billboard as we are so PROUD to show it to the world! View only in HD.


Davao Wedding Suppliers:
Prenup make up: Wyndell Samuya
Set Design: Veejay of Decoratives by Janna and Hercs

Wedding Location:
Preparation: Marco Polo
Church: Sacred Heart Parish
Reception: Salome’s Garden by Chippens

Make-up Bride: Tiny Pinili
Gown: Windell Mira (Del Mira)
Invitation: Dyna Baricuatro
Coordinator: Ms. Michelle (FPD)
Decorator: Wendell Gartes (FPD)
Cake: Cake Galerie
Host: DJ Rod Rodriguez
Photo booth: The Booth
Dessert Station: Cake Fairies
Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions  Best Baguio Wedding Photographer
Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions  Best Baguio Wedding Photographer

Best Baguio Wedding Photographer

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