Ansley + Shine {Engagement Video}

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The elegance of the lovely couple and the relaxing touch of green nature greatly complimented with each other during the engagement shoot. I was such a wonderful day to be filled with love from Ansley and Shine, at the same time to make a masterpiece.

There was a funny and nerve-racking story behind this session. We got lost in the woods and being reprimanded by the local tribes living on that vicinity.

We thank the couple for this experience and for allowing us to create an art out of their love, affection, and emotions. They really gave us the exact amount of feelings more than what we were expecting.

Make ready your eyes to be amazed as we give you the Engagement Video of Ansley and Shine…



Prenup Make-up: Gwen Darvin
Prenup Decor: Swan Lake Events
Location: The View
Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions Baguio Wedding Photographer Portfolios
Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions


 Baguio Wedding Photographer Portfolios

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