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“TWO SOULS, ONE HEART” Engagement Shoot Location: London, United Kingdom Photography: Eight Productions   Best Boracay Wedding Photographer We enjoyed this super spectacular  Boracay Wedding!  Visit our Facebook page HERE and request our service quotation HERE.    Have you ever wondered what a celebrity wedding looks like? well, have a look at these pictures that show nothing Read more ..

Premium Wedding Photographer Boracay Indeed, it was a blessed day for Lloydi and Val knowing that it has been drizzly and gloomy these past few days. But on the day of their very special moment, the weather was wonderful and sunny that made the place more conducive for their magical beach wedding. And a very Read more ..

Top Wedding Photographer Boracay   We were really excited to shoot this amazing Boracay wedding from the day 1 that Lloydi and Val decided to make us part of their very special day. We were even more enticed knowing that we will be part of a celebrity wedding. Check out our Instagram HERE. During the Read more ..

LOVE and LONDON. This luxurious and romantic city in England has become a home for our lovely couple, Lloydi and Valerie. Their magic and chemistry for each other were really evident on this presentation. Since it was our first time to shoot in London, we did a lot of research, thoroughly exchanged emails and plans Read more ..

The wedding was conceivably beautiful. The day was filled with people who love our newlywed couple, Kix and Ella. Everyone travelled all the way to Samal Island to witness the union of two hearts becoming into one. The groom, Kix was really a dapper and Ella, the bride, on the other hand was really gorgeous Read more ..

It was a day filled with laughter, gracefulness, love, and happiness. Ansley and Shine could not hide the overwhelming emotions towards their special day starting from the preparation, to ceremony, and up to the end of their colorful reception. Their families and friends were very excited as well to witness the wonderful start in the Read more ..

It was a gloomy but colorful day at The View when we had a shoot with our lovely couple Ansley and Shine. Everyone was so excited for this session. Everything were also on place and ready until the strong gush of wind blew away all the balloons that supposedly one of the props that they Read more ..

SHORE THING. This engagement session is nothing but fun under the sun and playing along the shore. Kix and Ella expressed how they enjoyed each other as beach bums. The weather and the venue really gave a real kick to the concept who was actually planned by our lovely couple. Kix and Ella just brought Read more ..