Mark + Khat {Engagement BTS}

Affordable Prenup Photographer Tagaytay

What a great day of fun and high fashion for Mark and Khat. At first, they really don’t know how and where to do the prenup shoot. All we are thinking was a new spice in the eyes of many. On the day of the shoot, Khat was very concerned about her looks when she came in but her photos turned out into stunning and phenomenal. We would also like to commend their fabulous wardrobes, and their wonderful moods.

We were so excited to post this presentation because it was also our first time to shoot an engagement session in a hotel, and we really thank the couple for approving our suggestion to shoot there since we have also decided to have an indoor shoot. It was also our first time to shoot in Saging Republic were the light was really great. We thank the couple for this outstanding experience they have given us.

Next Attraction is their Wedding Onsite Video.. So stay tuned!

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the Fun and High Fashion Engagement Shoot of Mark and Khat with the twist of Behind-The-Scenes…

View in Full HD only!



Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions Affordable Prenup Photographer Tagaytay
Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions Affordable Prenup Photographer Tagaytay

Affordable Prenup Photographer Tagaytay

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