Erinne “A Decade & Eight”{Predebut Photos}

Affordable Davao Debut Photographer

The fierceness and gorgeousness of Erinne really shone during her predebut fashion session held around the different best spots of Cebu City. The weather was a bit shaky from dry to being wet but nothing can hinder us from making masterpieces out of our energetic and very attractive debutante.

Cebu was great, all locations were awe-inspiring and unique. It was well-planned out shoot and everything happened just what we want. It was also nice to see a very talented make-up artist from Cebu, Rizza Cincoflores.

But the Borja Family was even more amazing. We are so grateful because they really made us as part of their big family. We stayed in a very nice hotel, ate at the best restaurants, and the food was really overflowing all the time. There were once that we have to take a break from shooting because of being full. We love this family from the moon and back.

Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present you Erinne on her Predebut Fashion Session!

Please watch in FULL HD only!


Predebut Location: Cebu City
Davao Debut Photographer: Eight Productions  Affordable Davao Debut Photographer


Affordable Davao Debut Photographer


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