Benson + June {Onsite Video}

Benson + June {Onsite Video}

It’s our first time to shoot a wedding with the most Chinese relatives speaking in their native language. The language barrier did not stop us from having a great time, with the help of the bridesmaids to translate for us. A lot of moments were hard to miss, as everyone were so relaxed and took their own time to prepare for the big moment. And let us not forget the anticipation of the entrance of the bride with the sunset walking by her side putting shine on every step to the altar filled with flowers.

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to the couple for giving us the great privilege in capturing their big day!

Enjoy this onsite video only in HD!

Davao Wedding Suppliers:
Location: Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao
Make-up Artist: Otoi Mercado
Decoration and Coordination: Golden Touch by Noel Tanza
Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions
Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions

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