Val + Cath {Onsite Video}

Val + Cath {Onsite Video}

It was a hot morning followed by abundance of rain in the afternoon, but the word “Plan B” never came to mind. The garden wedding ceremony was a green light and it was filled by love ones excited for the couples sweet moments.

Val and Cath was really easy to shoot since they were not choosy and didn’t have those “eto ang angle” ko moments. They were relax the whole day even if they thought it was going to rain. They had vows that could bring down tears. We applause them for 15 years of their love to each one.

To the couple thank you so much for having us. We hope to see you on your silver wedding anniversary.

Venue: Waterfront Insular Hotel
Make up: Otoi Mercado
Gown: Erwin Tan
Coordinator: PREP
Decorator: Swanlake
Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions
Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions

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