The Surprise Wedding {Vic & Laine}

The Surprise Wedding {Vic & Laine}

How do you plan a surprise wedding? How did it all start? Why did we receive this message at 1am after the wedding?

How do you even begin to plan a surprise wedding, you ask? We’ll break down the whole process for you. This is going to be long, so please bare with us.

The Back story – The couple had their dream wedding already planned when the groom decided to ask the bride to choose between being practical or idealistic: use the money saved up to buy a car or have the wedding they dreamed of. The bride decided to go down the practical route and have a civil wedding instead so they could buy a car. Little did she know, the groom had a few plans of his own up his sleeve. Having memorized the list of suppliers the bride wanted, he got together with his close friends and the bride’s family and started preparing for the wedding of her dreams. In absolute secrecy.

The Suppliers – The bride had already chosen beforehand her Ready To Wear (RTW) Gown at the Kasuotan Collection so that wasn’t a problem. The make-up artist needed to be quick and smooth so the groom went with Otoi Mercado. For the photo and video documentation, we were up to the task as the bride had already made the down payment to Eight Productions before canceling the big event. The groom used a no-refund policy as an excuse to have the Engagement Photo and Video Session. And finally Swan Lake Concepts, who were there from the start of the Real Wedding to the grand Surprise Wedding. They helped the groom with all the details and planning from the Engagement Session to the actual Surprise Wedding Day.

The Wedding Day – The day started at Marco Polo with a regular civil wedding where only 15 family members were invited. Or so the bride thought. She didn’t know that everyone else was preparing themselves at different rooms of the hotel. After the civil wedding, the couple went home but the groom went back to the hotel with the excuse of needing to give the wedding rings to the Eight Productions team since he wanted them to be in the wedding album.  A little while later, the bride went back to Marco Polo with the impression her husband had a special honeymoon planned out for them. When she entered the room though, she immediately saw her Wedding Gown and broke down in happy floating-on-cloud-9 tears. So while doing her make up, she had a lot of questions about the wedding trying to figure out where the wedding would be and other details, but everyone on the crew kept their silence and the bride couldn’t contain her excitement. On the way to the ceremony, the bride was blind-folded and had no idea where she was. When she opened her eyes, she found herself standing on the aisle with all her family and friends smiling happily for her with her groom waiting for her at the end =)

We know it was a long read. Now please watch this videos and see how the perfect day went =)

Opening Billboard (OBB)

Engagement AVP

Same Day Edit (SDE) / Onsite Video – with Aerial Videography

Our Bride posted this on her Facebook wall right after the wedding. Thank you!

Wedding Details
Preparation: Marco Polo Davao
Garden Wedding: The View Davao
Civil Wedding Make-up Artist: Carmen Smith
Surprise Wedding Make-up Artist: Otoi Mercado
Gown: Kasuotan by Erwin Tan
Coordinator: Swan Lake Concepts
Decorator: Swan Lake Concepts
Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions
Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions

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    • Elaine Damasco-Cabatbat
    • April 1, 2013
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    Thank you Master Eight and to the whole team! I can’t wait to show this to everyone especially to our family and friends… You made us fall in love with each other again because you created an amazing work of art and you made it all so timeless, you showed the concrete essence of the beauty of love. It will be forever remembered. THANK YOU!

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