Thank You 2015

Thank You 2015

Malta, Chicago, San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas, Boracay, Surigao, Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo, and to the many more adventures we have shared thru the years we are so thankful it has been a great and fruitful 2015 for Team Eight Productions. We could not count the blessings that were showered upon us.

From the wine, pizza, donuts, drinks, and many more you have shared to us. To show our gratification we want to grab this chance to say thank you. But what we are most thankful for is for giving us an opportunity to give you excellence in providing our photo and video services.

Enjoy this summary of our 2015 with the awesome people that Eight Productions got to meet and work with. Many thanks!

Cheers to all lovely couples!
Cheers to all wedding suppliers!
Cheers to all friends and family!

Cheers to Team Eight Productions!

Thank you to the All Mighty!

Note: View in HD

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