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Team Eight Productions have a standard shooting timeline for every wedding. We started clicking at 9AM and the wedding starts at 3PM followed by the reception, but there are a few weddings that seems a lot of things is happening on that special day. With this wedding we had more than a hand full of Read more ..

It is indeed a beautiful day with beautiful people. The venues, all wedding suppliers, families, and friends absolutely gave Ralph and Lovely what they really wanted for their dream wedding. You can see the elegance and luxurious style by our gorgeous couple which will make you think that you are just watching Barbie and Ken Read more ..

The couple planned this engagement shoot in a snap! 1 hour meeting 4 hours shopping 1 hour make-up 3 hours shooting Abrakadabra! Boom! Amazing engagement session! Ralph and Lovely wanted a pretty common engagement theme -“vintage”, but who are we to say “no” to the wish of our couple. Instead of discouraging them, we made Read more ..

It was indeed a great “Wed on a Wed” (Wedding on a Wednesday) when everyone composed themselves for a very significant event. Michael, Venus together with baby Zion were excited to walk down the aisle. A moment everyone was waiting for, to start their endless journey. The bridesmaids in blue were matched with the groomsmen Read more ..

It was a fantastic afternoon when everyone has gathered into one place, for a common momentous event. All the ladies were evidently beautiful, as well as the gentlemen. The happiness on the faces of the families and friends of Mike and Lara was very much evident during the church wedding and the party after was Read more ..

It was not just an ordinary day for Mike and Lara because this is the start of their new lives together. Their excitement has never been this high as you can see during the preparation for their wedding. The people around them also expressed were wishing them a happy journey. One filled with laughter, joy, Read more ..

This intimate moment happened in a cozy place which they call home. Here Mike and Lara are at their element. A happy home with their little boy. And as reflected in the pictures, it shows us how this couple radiates love for each other. On for the second half of the presentation, you will see Read more ..

Artess to Hugo: “I am so blessed to have you in my life. You are my best friend, my travel buddy, my surfing and swimming instructor, my nutritionist, my artist, my inspiration and my life.” Hugo to Artess: “In the beginning, it felt like the distance between Portugal and the Philippines was too far apart. Read more ..