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From tequila shots to tears this wedding had it all. The party mood set by the entourage put everyone in high spirits. This was the first wedding for the barkada (group of friends) and everyone got emotional when the bride walked down the aisle. To know our full post please visit their Opening Billboard HERE. Read more ..

We showed you the opening billboard, showcased the onsite video and now, we know you’re just as excited to see how the actual wedding photos unfold the love story this enigmatic couple has to tell. Vinjie and Art had their dream garden wedding at “The View”. It was a Christian wedding and Art, the glowing bride, was filled with slight Read more ..

Wedding Details: HERMOSO-ASILO NUPTIAL January 8, 2013 Wedding Preparation at The Marco Polo Davao Wedding Ceremony & Reception at The View Davao Make-up: Carmen Smith Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions View Onsite Video and blog post here – Opening Billboard is a series of photos fuse into a video –

Catching up with our blogging is never easy (but we try!) =) Here’s another installment of our Davao Wedding Segment. Dan and Val has a great love story which first started at a company convention and ended.. with a wedding of course! Okay, so we don’t know their whole story, but they’re sweet and amazing Read more ..

Another presentation from the King + Tere “wow” wedding! Their Opening Bilboard =) You could view their Full Blog Post and SAME DAY EDIT Video HERE List of Davao Wedding Suppliers: Wedding day: Coordinator: Rhea Valencia of Details Events Organizer Florist: Floral Pink Designs Make Up artist: Otoi Mercado (Bride), Kai and Jonas Celi Couturier: Read more ..

Bianca knew about Eight Productions 3 years ago when she recommended us to her cousin for her debut. She was well acquainted with our style and taste. but also knew how flexible and diverse our team could be in achieving different looks. When Bianca gave us her pegs (sample shots) for the shoot to fully Read more ..

We hardly do debut celebrations since we focus more on weddings but when we do, we treat it just like a wedding only sadly with no groom (hahaha, kidding). Anyway, we really appreciate Bianca Teng and her family for helping in conceptualizing Bianca’s dream shooting style and for treating us so nicely from the pre-debut Read more ..