Bec & Geri {Samal Wedding Onsite Photos}

Bec & Geri {Samal Wedding Onsite Photos}

To get married is one thing to stay married is another and here is the best part, to get married HAPPILY is the best thing anyone could wish for.

This couple is a living example that true love do exist, with their friends and family to surround them on the wedding day everyone was just happy for Bec and Geri.

We started the day with a lot of activities from swimming, boating, drinking for the boys and just make-up for the girls. They had the largest entourage for the record on our count, compose of 48 people total, but the thing that touched us the most is when they had their eldest son to be Geri’s best man and their daughter to be Bec’s maid of honor.

We would stop our write up here and continue this on the other blog post so stay tuned for our Maldives Shoot and Bec and Geri’s Onsite Video.

So check out their Onsite Photos only in HD


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