RJ + Sam {Onsite Video}

RJ + Sam {Onsite Video}

As the great year of 2015 is about to end, our last wedding for this year definitely ended with an awesome festive vibe!

Wedding Preparations – The Marco Polo Hotel was filled with guests from RJ and Sam’s wedding. The Presidential Suite of the Bride had the most optimistic atmosphere and everyone in the room had a slice of relaxation brought by the perfectly chilled champagne and a great choice of music. On the other side of the hotel, the Groom’s suite started the celebration early with a glass of scotch for each entourage and they all look dapper and sharp with their traditional Filipino Barong. Afternoon came and everyone got even more excited for Sam’s special occasion, her room suddenly got crowded with loved ones who wanted to have a glimpse on the lovely Bride. Certainly, everyone was in awe when they saw her walked down the stairs with her Rosa Clará gown.

Wedding Ceremony – A traffic build up outside the Sta. Ana Parish was an indicator that a lot of guests wanted to witness the great marital union of Rj and Sam. As you enter the Church, it was mostly occupied by relatives and friends who are excited and blissful for the couple. As the Wedding Ceremony started, almost everyone got teary eyed as Sam slowly walked towards the aisle and also shared that special moment with the Bride by just witnessing it. The Wedding Ceremony beautifully ended with RJ sealing it with a passionate kiss while everyone is cheering in the background.

Wedding Reception – On the pre-wedding meeting, the couple wanted to make sure to end the formal traditions as early as possible to give way to the Wedding Party. So the couple opted to remove the clichés during a wedding reception and focused on the more important parts like heartfelt speeches, cake slicing and the dances. The host ended it with everyone shouting, Mabuhay ang Bagong Kasal! , and the band took over the party and drinks started pouring. Everyone made sure that they danced to the beat and had their own share of intoxication.

“ a great party and a beautiful wedding all into one “ that is how the creative people from Eight Productions describe and will remember the wedding of Rj and Sam.

Trivia: Rj and Sam booked Eight Productions since 2014 and this wedding was more than one year in the making. Thank you Rj and Sam!!! We at Eight Productions are very honored to have captured this once in a lifetime event, unforgettable party and one of the best weddings. Cheers to the both of you and to everyone who had a blast on your wedding day!

Thank You 2015 and Bring It On 2016!

Davao Wedding Details
Preparation: Marco Polo Hotel
Church: Sta. Ana Parish
Reception: SMX Davao

Make-up bride: Otoi Mercado
Make-up entourage: Yoyoy Tuason
Bride’s Gown: Rosa Clará
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik
Groom’s Barong: Jomar Habana
Shoes: Prada
Invitation: FTLP
Coordinator: Juvy Roilo
Decorator: Floral Pink Designs (FPD)
Engagement Ring: Orogem – Podium
Rings: Orogem – Podium
Giveaways: Spanish Cologne
Bridal car: Mercedes Benz
Catering: Coco’s
Cake: Justin Sison
Mobile bar: Coco’s
Host: Atty. Alexis Lumbatan
Dessert Station: Coco’s
Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions
Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions

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