Randy + Josie {Engagement Session}

Randy + Josie {Engagement Session}

This was the fastest booking in our career. They booked us 10 days before their wedding and we did the engagement session with only 4 days left before the big day. They didn’t have a concept in mind since their main concern was to get married before they left for abroad. Due to the time constraints and other things on their plates, we advised them to hire Swan Lake, an engagement stylist team to help with the bride’s clothes and other details. On the day of the shoot, the couple were cool and ready, allowing us the creative freedom to do what we wanted. Our creativity was definitely on a natural high that day and our ideas jived perfectly with what they were looking for. With no further ado, we proudly present their engagement photos!
Engagement Styling: Swan Lake Events 

Make-up Artist: Julie Simbajon
Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions

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