Dom + Straw {Opening Billboard}

Dom + Straw {Opening Billboard}

After eight long years, Dom and Straw has decided to lay down their vows and embraced the new chapter in their lives as husband and wife. Everyone and everything were special for the newlywed couple because they have planned their special day according to what they thought would make this magical event perfect and memorable.

Eight Productions were able to capture the priceless moments of the wedding from the eyes and heart of the people who became a part of Dom and Straw’s lives.

Here’s the fantastic summary of Dom and Straw’s wedding through their Opening Billboard…

Be amazed on Dom and Straw’s blessed years of being together. Why blessed? Stay tuned and find it out on their Love Story Video to be posted very soon…



Prenup make up: Cherrie Mae Buenaventura of Love Thy Hair Salon
Wardrobe Stylist: Cherrie Mae Buenaventura
Prenup stylist: Swan Lake

Location: Saddleback Haven
Preparation: Marco Polo Hotel
Church: Sta. Ana Shrine Parish
Reception: The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites

Make-up bride: Cherrie Mae Buenaventura of Love Thy Hair Salon
Make-up entourage: Love Thy Hair Salon
Bride and Entourage Gown: K-Davao
Grooms suit: Wedding Bells
Invitation: Customized by Bride and Groom
Coordinator: Ivan Lee M. Intong
Decorator: Golden Touch
Give aways: Personally made by Bride and Groom
Host: Filmore Linda of Clowns and More
Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions
Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions

Special mention to:
Thank you Most Institute Culinary School and Dr. P. Ocampo College for allowing as to video shoot within their premises.

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