Patrick + Wella {Onsite Video}

Patrick + Wella {Onsite Video}

Every wedding is unique in the most beautiful way, but not every wedding you get to be greeted with a sumptuous breakfast matched with an ice-cold beer! As we arrived at Eden Nature Park, we were suddenly greeted with a beautiful smile from the bride and invited us to have breakfast in the villa, while the groom with his charming look invited us to have some beer. This goes to show that every wedding is different and this is one is exceptionally unique in the coolest way. As the wedding preparations started, Patrick decided to do some laps in the pool and some sprints as part of his daily routine of being a great triathlete. Wella and her entourage started their make-up with their respective artists for their look while having sharing laughs and selfies among each other.

On the Wedding Ceremony, St. Michael’s chapel is filled with loved ones who wanted to be witnesses of the union of Patrick and Wella. Every pew in the church is occupied, even outside the church are also filled with people. As the bride started to do her solo grand entrance, she walked the aisle with grace and tears of joy. Everyone in the chapel watched closely as she walked towards her teary eyed Groom.
The Wedding Ceremony was quite unique among others for the fact that the priest was humorous on his approach in leading the ceremony, it started and ended with people sharing glee for the union of the couple.

The Wedding Reception was elaborately decorated with elegance. Family and friends gathered around and started the party with a drink on one hand. Everyone seemed to be comfortable with each other as they share smiles and laughter. As the wedding games initiated, every guest cheered as it goes on and while the tearjerker speeches started everybody also got teary eyed. Certainly, everybody had a great time during the wedding of Patrick and Wella. And to summarize everything, here is their on-site video of their awesome wedding!

To the coolest couple, Eight Productions would like to extend our sincerest appreciation for having us on your special day!


Davao Wedding Suppliers:
Location: Eden Nature Park
Host: Mikey Aportadera
Coordination and Decoration: Pinktouche House
Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions
Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions

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