Paolo + Donna {Engagement Photos}

Paolo + Donna {Engagement Photos}

Paolo and Donna with their efforts and will to go beyond the regular have paid-off for having great memories to live with. The Team from Eight Productions had a great time during this swift engagement session. The couple has been collaborative with our creative ideas that made the session nimble and productive. We would also love to extend our gratitude to the couple who also took good care of us and made sure we were always comfortable all throughout the shoot.

So without further ado, feel the love, embrace the warmth of this moment, detach yourself from the world, and cherish the great memories with these photographs.

Eight Productions proudly presents, Paolo and Donna’s Engagement Session.

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Location: Alor’s Kitchen and Las Terrazas
Makeup: Dani Angeles
Hair: Wyndel Samuya
Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions

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