Mohammed + Charlotte {Onsite Video}

Mohammed + Charlotte {Onsite Video}

The perfect white sand, clear blue skies, great tropical vibe, pristine beach and even the superb decorations, made us feel that we are in a beach wedding in Hawaii. But this paradise that you are looking at right now is only in the Philippines, exactly at SECDEA Resort in Samal Island, located at the southern part of the country and just fronting Davao City. Our awesome shots in this wedding will not be possible without these picturesque features of the island.

A splendid day indeed to get married for Mohammed and Charlotte, as they celebrated a very special and intimate wedding with only 30 loved ones and friends as guests who came from Dubai and in some parts of the Philippines. The couple rented an enormous villa for everyone, so family and friends can stay in one place wherein they can have time to relax and spend their quality time together. The whole villa was filled with laughter and excitement as everyone prepares for the Wedding.

Despite the summer heat, the couple and their entourage were very willing with what kind of creative style our team wanted for their wedding. The team even made them walk down the beach just to attain that perfect photograph. Aside from the couple, who had their great photographs taken, the whole entourage even had their own profile-picture worthy photographs as well.

It was a great experience from the creative team of Eight Productions to have witnessed and be part of Islamic Beach Wedding of Mohammed and Charlotte.

A special message of appreciation to Dos and Charm for recommending us to the couple and for always believing in our craft, it was great seeing you again.

And we would want to extend our deepest gratitude to Mohammed and Charlotte for trusting and believing in us, it is definitely a great honor to be able to shoot your wedding.

Wedding Tip: To all Photographers and Videographers who are tirelessly following our blog posts, this segment is especially written for you. The couple wanted their Islamic Marriage to be scheduled at 5 PM in time for the sunset. Our supposed call time was at 12 noon but we decided to arrive ahead of time at exactly 11 AM. We then made sure if the sunset will be on time for the wedding ceremony, because we noticed that there was a cliff on top of the venue, we then used our compass to locate where the sun will set. We then figured out that by the time the sun is about to set, it will be covered by the cliff and that significant light will not be used anymore. After all the analysis, we asked the couple and the coordinator to move the wedding earlier to 4 PM so we can still have that sunset effect. As the wedding ceremony started, the light was perfectly placed on everything. Hence, if you really know what you are doing which is based from years of experience, do not hesitate to make a suggestion of what would be the best for the wedding.

Secdea Beach Resort Samal

Beach Wedding Details:
Make-up: Joveth Pichon
Engagement Ring: Damas Dubai
Rings:Damas Dubai
Giveaways: Dubai Souvenirs
Host: Erwin Bagalawis and Melanie Casco
Coordinator: Golden Touch by BJ Pulido Alid
Decorations: Golden Touch by Noel Tanza
Beach Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions
Beach Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions

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