Mike + Lara {Engagement Photos}

Mike + Lara {Engagement Photos}

This intimate moment happened in a cozy place which they call home. Here Mike and Lara are at their element. A happy home with their little boy. And as reflected in the pictures, it shows us how this couple radiates love for each other.

On for the second half of the presentation, you will see a different part of the couple – a much more intimate couple.

Eight Productions was really overwhelmed to share this amazing experience with these lovely people. We are lucky to be a part of their everlasting memories and the start of their never-ending love story.

Wedding Details:
Prenup make up artist : Dani Angeles
Preparation: Waterfront Insular Hotel
Reception: Waterfront Insular Hotel
Make-up bride: Mae Anne Cortez
Make-up entourage: Dani Angeles
Make up Mothers and MOH: Noeh and Otoi
Wedding Gown: Erwin Tan
Reception Gown: Egay Ayag
Grooms suit: Jann of the Limited
Invitation: Darlyne Sazon Rubio
Coordinator: Swan Lake
Decorator: Swan Lake
Give aways: Margies
Cake: The Delightful Miss Joyce by Joyce D. Urieta
Mobile bar: Kookels
Host: Atty. Alexis Lumbatan
Cocktails : Alors
Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions
Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions

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