Hafid + Sang {Opening Billboard}

Hafid + Sang {Opening Billboard}

We are very much excited to post about the wedding of Hafid and Sang because this is a very unconventional beach weddings we have ever covered. For our record, we were able to showcase a wedding that has the most numbers of entourage so far with nineteen (19) lovely bridesmaid and nineteen (19) dashing groomsmen.

It was indeed a wonderful day of love, fun, music, arts, and great waves from Dahican Beach.

Here’s a glimpse of Hafid and Sang’s wedding…

Stick around and watch out for their “artsy” Engagement Sessions…



Make-Up: Jean Ong
Location: Agong House, Kapatagan

Mati Wedding Suppliers:
Location: Dahican Surf Resort
Preparation: Sibala beach park
Make-up bride: Jean Ong
Gown: Bernadith Saito
Invitation: Janbo Lim
Coordinator: Noel Tanza
Decorator: Golden Touch
Engagement Ring: Allison
Rings: Jeremiah Juson
Give aways: Kublai Millan
Bridal car: Honda City Club Davao
Catering: Lyndons
Cake: Tweeny Campos
Host: Dr. Rovic Cuasito
Dessert Station: Tweeny Campos
Mati Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions
Mati Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions

Special mention: Thank you Gabby Sibala, Mariphil Children’s Village, Gab Escovilla, Universe for the weather.

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